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where we plan to to show you a bit more than just how to use a cane.

We will discuss who might need a cane, how to use a cane on curbs, stairs and level surfaces. We will also discuss what to look for when purchasing a cane as well.

Your Cane May Be A Necessity, So Make It A Fun Accessory!

We are your online cane information source for highly functional walking aids that have personality and style.

how to use a cane


We will give reviews of different types of canes, what to look for when purchasing a cane, and also discuss the canes features and show you some neat cane accessories.


Canes have come a long way in that just a few years ago your choices for a cane were limited to just a wooden cane than usually had to be cut to fit the user.


Now your choices of a cane could be a standard wooden cane, metal cane with an offset handle, folding cane, quad cane with large or small base, bariatric canes, hemiwalker or walk cane. These offerings come in many different colors and and you can in some instances really personalize your cane.


Most canes are metal or perhaps lucite and are often a first and popular choice for many folks, as they are lightweight yet sturdy enough to provide you the support you need.  Metal canes are easily adjustable, easy to clean, and many can be folded for easy transportation.  This makes them the preferred choice for most over wooden canes.


We feel that choosing a cane is very much like choosing a pair of eyeglasses.  Gone are the days when you could only get a standard wooden walking cane or that sterile looking aluminum cane, now there are many colors, styles, embellishments, and heck the handles are even designed for various levels of comfort and style!  If your needs are more

specialized, you can likely find a cane to suit those needs.


how to use a cane


Find a stylish cane that suites you best without sacrificing the functional walking aid you require to stay active and mobile—and yes wooden canes can and will work for you as well.

Don’t let your need for a cane keep you from your active lifestyle. Find a cane that suits you best and keep on moving!

how to use a cane
This is a general information site and please always when in doubt consult your Physician or Physical Therapist to assist you.